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Q: Can I get a discount on my homeowner's insurance when I install a security or fire alarm?

A: Yes, in most cases insurance companies give discounts of up to 20% on policies when a monitored security system is professionally installed. Additional discounts may also be available when a monitored fire detection system is installed.

Q: What does a Central Monitoring Station do?

A: Our Central Monitoring Station is the go-between for your alarm system and the local authorities. Should your fire or burglar system go into a state of alarm, your system will communicate the emergency to the Central Monitoring Station. In most cases, Choice Security Services will then attempt to contact you to verify the alarm, and will then dispatch the appropriate local authorities. In the event of a fire alarm, however, the fire department will be dispatched immediately.

Q: Why should I want a Choice yard sign and window decal?

A: Homes without a security system are three times more likely to be broken in to than homes with a security system. Letting a potential intruder know that your premises are protected by an alarm system monitored by Choice Security Services is an excellent deterrent.

Q: What happens if I lose power in my home?

A: Every security system installed by Choice Security Services comes with an integrated power supply. This allows your system to continue to protect your home for several hours, even if there is no electricity.

Q: What happens if my phone line dies?

A: Choice encourages customers to have a cell back-up on record so you can be alerted should you lose power to your land line. Call us at (717) 207-0155 to add your cell phone number to your call list.

Q: How to I change my call list?

A: Keeping your call list updated is essential to protecting your home or business. As employees or your family situation changes, it's important that you promptly contact us to remove or add names to your call list and change your passcode to ensure that only those permitted to do so will gain entry to your home or business. Call list changes should be called in to (717) 207-0155.
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